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This book aims to face particles in flows from many different, but essentially interconnected sides and points of view. Thus the selection of authors and topics represented in the chapters, ranges from deep mathematical analysis of the associated models, through the techniques of their numerical solution, towards real applications and physical implications. The scope and structure of the book as well as the selection of authors was motivated by the very successful summer course and workshop "Particles in Flows" that was held in Prague in the August of 2014. This meeting revealed the need for a book dealing with this specific and challenging multidisciplinary subject, i.e. particles in industrial, environmental and biomedical flows and the combination of fluid mechanics, solid body mechanics with various aspects of specific applications.
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AUTEUR Tomas Bodnar
ISBN 9783319602813
Turbulence modulation in channel flow of ... - Cambridge Core

Passive particle flow. The passive flow configuration is composed of hundreds of spheres in a Couette flows. The particles move thanks to the hydrodynamic forces and torques exerted by the fluid onto the bodies. For high volume fraction, typically greater than 10%, interactions between particle can play en important role. These interactions are ...

Turbulence modulation in channel flow of ... - Cambridge Core

Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is an optical method of flow visualization used in education and research. It is used to obtain instantaneous velocity measurements and related properties in fluids.The fluid is seeded with tracer particles which, for sufficiently small particles, are assumed to faithfully follow the flow dynamics (the degree to which the particles faithfully follow the flow is ...

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